November 06, 2018

Kissmanga of death

So I was reading that Isekai manga about the spider. Checking it out on Kissmanga every month. But as of chapter 30, every time I load up that page (I update the bookmark each time I read) it loads all the chapter pages, then, as I scroll down to read, suddenly the page auto-refreshes, and all the images disappear. And any attempt to reload after that throws up a "Site is down for maintenance" message. Tried bringing it up in Explorer instead of Firefox, and the site came up, but said no such file for the Manga.

Yanno what? Screw it. I wasn't enjoying it that much anyway. I don't know if it was anti adblock or some other misfunction, but I'm done.

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1 I went left Kissmanga close to two years ago now. Their advertisement was much too nasty: opened a bunch of extra pages, and I'm sure there were malware attempts. For a couple of years before that, there was a constant arms race between their increasing pressure and my ability to contain it. I had to add some custom filters that tracked Kissmanga's account IDs at the ad providers, that was the only way to suppress the malware.
Frankly, an attempt to open Kissmanga in Explorer (or Edge) sounds suicidal to me.
I switched to MangaDex. It's much better.
P.S. I was at Batoto before, but left when they tried to get in bed with publishers and started to drop titles too much.

Posted by: Pete Zaitcev at November 07, 2018 11:39 AM (LZ7Bg)

2 Yeah, I had a scare this morning. When I open too many Facebook tabs from an instance of Firefox that's been running a while, I can pretty much guarantee a BSOD. When it did, my reboot crashed right after login, and then the next reboot didn't get to the desktop before I had to leave for work. All day I feared that perhaps something was encrypting my files, but when I got home, I found that it was merely hung. Next reboot, System Server exception. Then a Safe Mode boot that worked, a MalwareBytes run that turned up nothing, and then finally a successful boot.

Bit concerned about what may happen at the next reboot....

And I really need to update my C drive copy. (I have a bare drive I plug into a socket in the top of the case for this, but it's such a PITA that I don't do it often enough.)

Posted by: Mauser at November 07, 2018 05:19 PM (Ix1l6)

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