July 10, 2016

Liquid Coolers

So Himawari is equipped with an Antec Kuler H2O 950, which since I built it has been working splendidly.

Obviously this is no longer the case, or I wouldn't be writing this. And so I'm asking for help.

Basically every once in a while, especially when playing World of Tanks, I get what I'm calling a Thermal Runaway. The LED over the contact plate goes from Green, through Yellow, Orange, and Red in a matter of about 30 seconds while the fan goes into high gear. But nothing seems to stop the inevitable overheat shutdown.

Even exiting all the programs, so the processor load is 0%, it still goes into shutdown.

Once I was able to get it to sleep before it shut down, and it woke up almost immediately cooler, but typically if it shuts down, it stays hot for 5-10 minutes and won't finish booting before it snaps off again.

But it's not entirely predictable. I can play a dozen battles without getting above 45C (Motherboard readout). The last time I was just looking at a web page. It's not making any weird noises, and it hasn't leaked. so it appears to be working normally until this happens.

Any suggestions?

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July 02, 2016

Flying Witch

I'm still working my way through Symphogear GX, but as a change of pace, I just pulled down something from last season that I didn't know about until I saw a mention of it in an article about the current, bleak season.

Flying Witch is very different, there are no world-ending plots, violent fights, or self-doubting to the point of self-sabotage heroines. It's one of those Slice of Life shows except it's about a witch.

I'm about 4 episodes in, and the comparison to Kiki's Delivery Service is inevitable. But aside from being very charming, there are a lot of differences. For one thing, the setting is Modern Japan. Her name is Kowata Makoto. She's from Yokohama, but after the required independence move-out at 15 (13 in Kiki...) she ended up staying with her second cousins in Tohoku region. Her parents wanted her to complete high school, so sent her to stay with family, which is a little bit of a break with tradition. She does have a black cat, whom she can understand, but he only makes cat-noises instead of speaking.

One of the running gags in the show is Makoto's terrible sense of direction. Another is that her Uncle, a farmer, has a near impenetrable accent. Asenshi did a pretty good job at making the subtitles equally understandable....

There is a parade of visitors to the house, like the Courier of Spring, or her older sister Akane, who is a very powerful and famous witch (Who chides her for not practicing enough magic). Or Inukai, a local witch who was accidentally cursed by Akane into being a half-animal person. Others are in the OP but I haven't gotten to their appearances yet.

It is a lovely, peaceful, and cheerful show. Beautifully animated. And perhaps the single thing that really makes it great is that it's not all about "Oh, We have to hide that you're a witch," like so many other comedies. It's more like the world has to deal with her being herself.

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