August 16, 2020


Steven den Beste's rotating picture gizmo had a lot of images from an Anime called Juden-chan (Which has nothing to do with Nazis.) But since it was from 2009, there was no way to see the show.


Found it: Thanks to someone telling me where I could find Aika, which apparently is a touchstone I missed. The site seems to have a lot of classics.

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August 14, 2020

Peter Grill

No, it's not a feminist fantasy for what to do with the leftovers from all the men they want to castrate.  It's a half-length, explicit-ish Harem comedy that isn't terribly funny, and really badly censored (But there ARE uncensored feeds out there, not that I care.)

So the Aforementioned Peter Grill lives in a fantasy world full of all manner of humanoid critters, and he's just won the Ultimate Warrior Gladiator Fight that prove he's the bestest in the world. And he's all Ataru-like "Now I can get married!" His fiancee, the daughter of the human warrior guild leader (Who doesn't like him one bit) is naive to the extreme - She thinks babies come from a couple praying together and the stork drops off a kid.

There are plenty of OTHER women though who know exactly where babies come from, and a little something about genetics, and winning the Strongest Warrior in the World tournament has painted a gigantic bull's eye right around his wing-wang.

So unlike a lot of other Harem comedies, at least there's an explanation for why the haremettes all want the lead. And also unlike a lot of Harem comedies, they all get what they're after too. So if getting laid thanks to blackmail, magical priapism curses, main force, etc. is your kind of thing, I suppose you might like this.

But find an uncensored feed, because the white glowy shit all over the screen is NOT our hero's seed.

I think I lasted three episodes.

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