September 14, 2013

WTF Windows?!

So I'm reorganizing some pictures, some are duplicates. At least under XP, if I dragged a file into a folder with a file that had the same name, it would ask me which version to keep. But Windows 7 has nerfed that ability.

*Drags file into folder desired*
Windows: "The source and destination file names are the same."
Me: "Yes, I know that, overwrite the file."
Windows: "Sorry, your only option is Cancel."

Trying it with multiple files
Windows: "Okay, your options now are Skip or Cancel, with a checkbox to do that for all files (Even if that makes no sense for cancel)."
Me: "WTF happened to replace?!"
Windows: "Hehehe. U Mad?"

(Update: Seems to be related to accessing your files through the "Library" system instead of your directory structure.  I hate this system.  I'd like to turn it off.)

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