May 25, 2018

Have you ever wanted to play with MMD?

I have found the perfect starting point, a site named, and the page, appropriately named "Start here"

The latest versions in x32 and x64 are available there, and fortunately for me, they did not need any additional runtime libraries, but they have those linked too if you need them. There's no installer, you just unzip the folder and click the .exe to run (And yes, I checked with MalwareBytes first, the x64 is clean). I loaded up a sample and it ran. And this version is in English, as well.

What I do from there, who knows? Knowing me, I'll probably get distracted by something else shiny before too long, but maybe you'll be different.

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May 06, 2018

3D Kanojo - Real Girl

Rats, I had a nice long post about this show, and Facebook crashed my machine.

But the best summary is, while Hikari is an emotionally stomped down Otaku, it's quite possible that Igarashi, the 3D girl who enters his life may be far more damaged than he is. It's a very interesting show that strikes a little too close to home, but you have to be good at picking up the subtexts.

I'm really pissed that somehow the new, less worthy version of TextAreaCache was somehow disabled. So I got nothing.

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