September 25, 2017

Renkin San-Kyuu Magical Pokaan

I use the main screen of uTorrent as a sort of Video Manager, with tags indicating things I've watched, things I'm planning to watch, things I have collected but aren't on deck, etc. And I move things around that way.

I recently noticed that I had managed to move something into my to watch label that I didn't recognize. I started to check it out, and then I realized to my chagrin that I had downloaded a batch with GERMAN subtitles. And then I looked further and realized I had downloaded this very old show in 2011. But you know, some people are very dedicated, and a torrent that was posted in 2014 is still running. And the subs are in English, the resolution is higher, and I still don't remember why I downloaded a show originally from 2005 six years ago.

Then I watched further:

Plus, it's a cute show. Four girls have come to Earth each representing different occult archetypes, a witch, a vampiress, a cyborg (Frankenstein) and this girl, Liru, a werewolf. They build a home in a tree in a park, and try to live in this world with absolutely no clue. In the half episode the screencap is from, the witch notices the postal delivery guy dropping off mail at every house across the street, and she wants some, but has no idea what it actually is. She and the Cyborg build mailboxes, but when that cargo cult move doesn't get them mail, they all escalate.

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September 20, 2017

But will it play my anime files?

Yay, Amazon has finally made a Fire Tablet that has a full 1080P screen. But what I want to know is, will it play .mkv files and handle fansubs?

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September 17, 2017

Reno Air Races....

Just got back to my hotel after the last race. It's way too big of an event to cover in a blog like this (Which is meant to be my anime blog anyway) but my god, the final Unlimited Class Race... Voodoo and Strega ware SO fast they double lapped the last plane, and thus the race really resembled an obstacle course.

Strega won, but it was really close the whole time. If it hadn't been for the other traffic, I can't say for sure how it would have turned out.

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September 08, 2017

New Anime Chart Site

If you need a Fall Anime Chart, try here. The menu at the top lets you choose other seasons and years.

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