September 27, 2019

Ah, silence (Nearly)

So I showed off my homebrew cooling system a while ago. I was trying to get away from the crap Antec system I'd been replacing every year. The one part of that system left was the pair of cooling fans that I repurposed to blow through the radiator. One was the original cooler fan, and the other was an auxiliary fan they included for if I wanted to set up a push-pull system. The original fan was a little loud. Not too bad when the system was idling, but when going at full bore (say, after a reboot) it sounded like a jet engine. The aux fan wasn't too bad, except I think the bearing or a coil was going, because at idle speed, it started to make a rubbing noise and actually stopped.

Well, thanks to Amazon, I bought a couple of Redux Nocturna 1700 RPM PWM controlled (4-wire) fans, supposedly designed for pushing air through radiators. They arrived today and I installed them. Ah, the silence. At idle they're ticking over at 550 rpm, which is barely a whisper. At full speed, the whir is still quite tolerable, and it doesn't sound like the computer is struggling to not catch fire.

It was a bit tricky to find 4-wire computer fans, even on Amazon, because a lot of fan-makers include adapters to connect to the old molex power cables, and call it 4 wire.

A quiet computer makes a happy Mauser.

Now if I could just solve the random bluescreens.

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September 20, 2019


I could have sworn I had a more recent post.

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September 08, 2019

Duck Tales, Woo-hoo-ooly shit!

I was really impressed with the pilot, and I was collecting the series, and watching it in dribs and drabs. And it was really, really good. But tonight I just finished the end of the first season and all that stuff that they had been tucking in edgewise around all the other episodes finally came together....

... and it was fucking awesome!

Even Donald got to be a badass (Thanks to a temporary electronic voice modulator that gave him a normal voice until it shorted out.)

Seriously, the payoff for the first season was worth every second. Highly recommended (even if belatedly.)

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