August 17, 2015

Rokka - Braves of the Six Flowers, Everyday Life with Monster Girls, God Eater

So, finally getting caught up on the torrents (Horrible Subs, alas), this sure took a left turn. You expected typical RPG-like slash-'em-up? How about a locked room mystery, where there turn out to be SEVEN chosen braves instead of the requisite six? And of course, our Hero is set up to look like the fake. Unfortunately for him, his claim is to be the strongest man in the world, not the smartest, because anyone without a firm grip on the idiot ball could see the one hole in the narrative that could exonerate him. Episode 7 is incoming, so we shall see.

The Albino-nut-girl has an unexpected backstory. But it also explains why our hero being all heroic to her isn't doing her, or him, any good. Alas, the reveal about what's under her headdress and eyepatch does serious damage to her hotness quotient.

As for the Monster Girls, I had the misfortune of following Chihiro, who seems to have stalled after four episodes. I'm getting the next two from *sigh* HorribleSubs, since nobody else seems to be doing it, other than those who re-parasite off of HS.  But sometimes you do need a little mindless Harem Comedy with an interesting angle.

God Eater though, has lost me after three episodes. It shares the same dopey variety of mindless monsters who act in concert that you got with the execrable Muv-Luv Alternative -Total Eclipse, and characters that are too cool for military discipline, but lacks the vacuum-sealed-for-freshness flight-suits (I recently looked at the un-posted write up I did for that, and I can't even make sense of it any more.  Maybe I should just post the .zip file of all the screenshots for the rubber suit fetishists, just ask.).  But the highest level of dumb that really lost it for me was three of them running and jumping around on top of a cargo plane IN FLIGHT fighting off airborne monsters with swords (well, and blasters), and then, the way too cool leader manages to keep smoking the ENTIRE FIGHT.

It's a shame, because it's obvious they spent some money on the animation, but there isn't really a single likable character on the show, unless you're really into the whole rebellious badass fighter thing. Just once I'd like to see one of these new enlistees who disobeys orders and ends up in the brig actually end up in front of the firing squad, rather than getting excused for being special.

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August 05, 2015


DotClue is down. Correction: Was.

One problem in the Himawari rebuild was re-installing uTorrent. I had actually already had a problem because I tried moving the torrent files to the other drive where I kept the actual downloads (since they lived on a D: partition on the failing Seagate drive). uTorrent keeps its own data SOMEWHERE that I couldn't locate, and there was no way to edit it, so it could no longer associate the torrents with their data. You could click to play, and click to open the file location, but it wasn't happy with things, even when you changed the Directory preferences.

But I was able to fix it with a new install. Basically I had to re-add all the torrents I'd built up, after turning off preallocate files, and set the active and completed directories to the same (the Completed directory) then drop all the torrent files into the autoload folder to get them into the database, then force recheck on them. Then I could change the directories back to the normal setup.

Well, not entirely. I had about 50 or so problem children. A lot of files had somehow gotten a ".1" added into the file name before the .torrent extension. So I got some odd status error messages saying that uTorrent couldn't open the .Torrent file it had just loaded, showing the path and name without the .1. That was fixed by editing the file name and rechecking again. Then briefly letting them queue up for seeding so that uTorrent would move them to the completed directory. There were some other cases that were the reverse. A few torrents that wouldn't move from active to completed. A few where I had renamed the file within uTorrent (to regularize the order of some episodes or change periods to spaces) had reverted and also lost track of the associations, and now I'm left with about 8 that are unhappy because I had left out all those annoying text file and sample attachments, and now uTorrent thinks a partial block is missing from the meat of the file. Some of those are very old and the trackers are history, so while a couple amazingly were still running and repaired themselves, those last 8 are dead torrents that used to think they were complete, but don't any more.

Of course, I also lost all my labels, and completion dates, and ratios. This is a bit of a problem because I use the list and the labels to keep track of what I've actually managed to watch, as well as where it came from.

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