July 17, 2017

Some Computer Experts are morons.

All I wanted was a USB header Y-cable. Nobody makes one. Some Chinese company sells a dodgy little micro hub, which appears to take the two USB ports on your header and give you... two USB ports.

For god's sake, can't anyone read the pinout diagrams in their MoBo manuals? That header is two ports. The problem is every internal component that uses USB like my power supply or CPU cooler includes a keyed 9 pin connector with only four wires connected to the pins so that the turnips don't plug it in backwards and fry the device.

But Google Motherboard USB Port Splitter and you will find lots of sage advice from people who have no idea what they're talking about, all of them insisting you need all 9 pins to run USB. and recommending buying USB cards to get additional headers. Head, meet desk.

All you need is a short cable that on one side, takes the pins from port 1 and connects them to a header in the port 1 position, and on the other side takes the pins from port 2 and connects them to a header also in the port 1 position.

Nobody makes this as far as I can tell.

I may be forced to pry out the pins from one of my cables and insert them into the plug in the port 2 side of the other cable.

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July 05, 2017

The Claw!

Probably my final Sad Puppies blog post. "The Claw!"

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