May 15, 2019


FINALLY finished plowing my way through Persona 4. What a slog. I'm still not entirely sure why I did it. Persona 5 came out, and someone posted a segment of it on Twitter that made me curious, and my stupid completist urge made me seek out earlier series. 26 episodes is what it took. A huge number of repetitive episodes introducing each character of the large cast as they confront their innermost urges and gain their powers, a brief and disappointing battle against a false bad guy, a second season crammed FULL of filler, then improbably another false villain, a fake death of a little girl, and the real villain.

Well, I just found Persona 3, seems to be a very different series. Four movies. Maybe I'll eventually get around to the series that piqued my interest.

OTOH, I watch every episode of The Rise of the Shield Hero as it arrives. There is no queue. Very much worth it.

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