March 12, 2014

Zvesda - Ep. 9

This show continues to amaze me. Yes, it's an Onsen episode, and yes, It's full of absurd coincidences, but it's actually very well played and manages to actually AVOID most of the common Onsen-episode Tropes.

Although I really don't get the thing with Natasha and the Monkeys.

It also does a lot to advance the plot.  Identities are revealed, and the scale of Zvesda takes a step upwards.

(And Cthuko is flying way ahead of blue-rated FFF on the Translations.)

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March 05, 2014

Space Dandy - Ep. 9

WTF did I just watch? This show has had some funny episodes, some surprisingly touching episodes, and some beautifully animated episodes. This one was none of the above. It was so utterly pointless, and nothing happened in it.  Hell, Dandy himself spent an awful lot of the episode just laying back with his hands behind his head doing nothing.  Even the animation was utterly lazy.

All I could find myself thinking of were those inevitable sections of any Tezuka movie where crudely animated "Strange creatures" are shown through a few cycles while the characters (offscreen) gaped about what strange creatures they were.

There was no real threat (Meow got fat, supposedly to be eaten by primitive plant people who didn't appear to have any mouths, and if there were no animal lifeforms on the planet, how'd they know he was edible?) no real plot, no development. It was stone soup, minus the stone (And all the other ingredients, if you go with the real meaning of stone soup).

I'm guessing this is the episode where they ran out of money, but they inserted it earlier into the sequence so they wouldn't end on a bad note.

This one is not a keeper.

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