March 12, 2017

That is F-ing twisted!

A number of hours ago I mentioned in a comment that I'd watched the first episode of "Youjo Senki", also known as "The Saga of Tanya the Evil."

Holy shit!

This is not your typical magic flying girl soldiers kind of anime. Hell no! This is to Strike Witches what Madoka Magica is to Sailor Moon. The first episode was merely setup of the current war situation. The second episode gives us Tanya's back story. And it is a trip, temporally, theologically, and dimensionally.

Yeah, the "Heroine" is a socipathic atheist being punished by God with a really unfortunate reincarnation in order to push "Him" into such straits that "he" will finally admit to faith, and he's determined to live this life as a gigantic "Fuck you" to God--or "Being X" as he allows the divine to be called.

Sweetness and light it ain't. And that's only two episodes in.

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March 05, 2017

Little Witch Academia

Just throwing down a Marker here, after 6 episodes, I'm betting the big secret is:
They totally gave it away this episode.

Funny thing is, this show reminds me of something I only saw a single episode of in the '80's at the Philadelphia Animation Society, about a poorly regarded school magic club where the witches fly out on brooms and save the city (Tokyo?) from something attacking from the sea. I have no idea what it was called.

And while I'm flashing back on the days of 50 anime fans crammed into a rented room to watch fuzzy tapes on 19" TV's, does anyone remember "Prefectural High School Earth Defense Force"?

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