March 27, 2016


So I'm about three episodes in, and I was suddenly struck by the character similarities between Darkness, the Crusader, and Centoria (the Centaur) from "Everyday Life with Monster Girls".

Speaking of Monster Musumi no Iru Nichijou, one thing that kinda bugged me there was how virtually every monster girl had some kind of inferiority complex with regard to human girls, although with the exception of Smith, there weren't any in the cast, and really, no basis given for it.

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March 16, 2016

WoWS Additional Controls

Apologies to my sailing brethren, I've been seduced back to the Tank side of the force. Wargaming has been running a lot of Experience Buff specials, and even a thing where you could get 5 gold a day just for logging in. Plus I had a chance at earning abilities for my Matilda crew, and I really focused on improving my Win8 score ever since I started using the XVM statistics mod (The results have been encouraging, but erratic).

But as an offering, a useful site about oft-overlooked controls in WoWS.

And for the Tankers, a WoT stats tracking page. For Mods, I've selected Quickybaby's mod pack, best found on YouTube where he keeps an updated link and an install guide.

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