May 21, 2017

Anime Cliche's we can do without

1. "Let's welcome our new Transfer student!"
The Alien/Robot/Space Princess from the future just HAS to enroll in Our Hero's school, and go to his class, and embarrasses the living shit out of him with her introduction. SO sick of this. Clockwork Planet just pulled this for NO reason.

2. Arena combat.
There is nothing that makes a show grind to a halt faster than suddenly forcing the characters to fight in some kind of staged tournament. Sure, you came up with all kinds of nifty powers, and maybe even theories behind why they work, and oh, of course they have all kinds of wonderful attack names, and I know you, the author, are SO fucking proud of them. But there's no story there. Bleach and Naruto were two of the worst offenders. Bleach, I especially hated your characters referring to incredible, unbeatable special attacks that the characters had somehow both perfected, knew were unbeatable, yet had rarely, or even NEVER pulled out in combat before. Well, yeah, I suppose it's never been beaten if you've never used it....
And Naruto, I pretty much gave up the first time this cliche reared its ugly head in some "Training exercise." But it's hard to tell when it started because Naruto at that point was having more flashbacks than Dr. Timothy Leary. In fact, at one point I swear Naruto was having a flashback to the previous episode where Hinata was having a flashback to her childhood.
Look, there's filler, and then there's fucking sandbagging. Either you have a story to tell or not. Smashing your characters together two by two might be nifty for a showing off aspects of their personalities, but having everyone else on the sidelines infodumping about the action, and rules-lawyering at each other as to why the unbeatable attack that was secret until just now didn't work, it's boring. It's like that embarrassing high school party where you tried to explain D&D to the cute girl who started gnawing off limbs to get away.

There will be more. Unfortunately, but feel free to add your own.

Added 6/3
3. Freaking out over girls.
I sometimes wonder if this is a contributing cause, or a symptom of Japan's low birth rate. But it bugs me that virtually every guy acts like they've never seen a girl before (even though they've been going to school with them for as long as they've been alive), and goes from lusting like a pig in the distance to terrified, quivering lump of jelly when she so much as talks to him (while apparently girls have no such trouble). We've come a long way from Ataru Moroboshi....

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May 19, 2017

Charting today

Apparently Neregate shut down in April, ending the tremendously useful anime charts. Thus when I finally went to look for this season's, it was gone.

I found a site hosting the last one, but it IS the last one. I found another site, but I'm a little unsure about how to navigate it, since it seems to be a document host that may be linked from somewhere else, that host has not been located yet.

On the plus side, I discovered that there's a new Bahamut series, which I'm getting at the moment (And I'm becoming a fan of Magnet links now) and I thought Clockwork Planet looked interesting. This is about half a season of each at this point.

Maybe someday I'll even get a chance to watch all this stuff.

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May 12, 2017

New Nyaa

Former admins of Nyaatorrents have a new server up. It's still a bit overloaded, and some features are broken, but, it's there at . They don't have their own tracker any more. But it IS being updated, even if it's just Magnet links.

More Info

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