July 31, 2013

Back, and Index

Been offline for five, very long days.  Something in my 4G wireless modem was getting very unhappy and would not stay connected to the network for increasing periods during the week previous, and it finally got intolerable Friday morning.  Far too many wasted minutes with Clear(wire)'s scripted to the point of being unhelpful technical support eventually got them to determine that it wasn't their tower (but I had to call in again to find that out).

At one point the modem wouldn't stay online for more than two minutes, and sometimes would take hours before it might even see the tower again.  Then, after I finally broke down and ordered a new modem it connected again for nine hours, but since they'd deactivated it, that was pointless, I thought I'd been had somehow.  But then it pretty much died for good.

The new modem arrived today, and seems to be in good working order, plus it has a built-in Wi-Fi hub, which is good because the one I bought to connect my Kindle and Etna to the network was getting a little flaky.

But, time away from the network allowed (forced) me to deal with content already on my computer, and so I watched Index, finally.

The short form: It was okay.  The hero seemed to lose his memory a lot, but at least remembered how to speak the language, fortunately.  It ended very unsatisfyingly, as if there were another season that didn't come (Ah, I see there is an Index II series out there). The arcs didn't seem connected very well, and Index was often ignored when she wasn't the McGuffin.  It also seemed to assume you knew some of the characters already.

I did rather like the final villainess, Sherry Cromwell.  She rather fit the ideal that villains don't really think of themselves as the bad guy - running around twirling their mustaches and giggling about how evil they are.  She had a reasonable motive, to prevent another disaster like the one that killed her friend by disrupting the apparent growing alliance between Science and Magic.  The fact that she had dark skin, blonde hair, Gothic style, and a slender, corseted waist under her very nice rack, only added to the appeal. (Ah, Goth without the Loli!), but they did so little with her, Raise Golem (of her dead friend!) have it smashed, rinse, repeat.  And once defeated, they just left her there, what happened to her was completely unresolved.

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July 07, 2013

Here, have an earworm

This one's been clogging up my noggin for weeks.

Trying to get back into review mode.  Not sure what my excuses are....

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