November 17, 2015

Space Battleship Yamato 2199

So I just powered through the 26 episodes that I downloaded in 2012.... There's a lot like that on the drive.

There's a lot more character and refinement then in the "Star Blazers" of my youth, and a lot more fan service. And for the purposes of this, they expanded the distaff portion of the crew so as to improve on the Smurf Village demographics the old series had.

But when I talk about fan service... Christ, I've joked about "Perineum-Cam", and "vacuum-sealed for freshness" flight suits, but the combination.... added to the artistically included seams and zippers in said catflightsuits, only the coloration avoids looking like something much less seemly.

In fact, it seems to be a trend in mecha and space shows to design women's uniforms and spacesuits with suggestive outlines. Even the innocent Moretsu Space Pirates featured space suits with an outline emphasizing a certain area. and the men's suits did not feature similar "relief ports."

Watch this space, I'm gonna collect some screencaps. Purely for research purposes, I promise.

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November 14, 2015

The Eagles of Death Metal

These are the guys who were in the theater in France that got attacked.

The name is ironic, the story I heard was that one of the guys was criticizing some bad, weak Death Metal, and described them as "The "Eagles" of Death Metal", and thought it would be a great band name.

And this stuff twigs the same neuron in my brain that says "Devo is cool".

And the video totally takes the piss on over-stylized artsy crap.

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