May 19, 2020

BNA - Brand New Animal

Is actually quite good.

(I could write a much more detailed post if I knew people would see it.)

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May 05, 2020


The description text on AnimeChart didn't really catch my interest too much. I mean, a guy turns into a giant mascot suit? There's a REASON I ditched Furry Fandom when it stopped being about Art and Comics.

But people I follow on Twitter raved about it, and I finally started checking it out. I'm 3 episodes in and it is tremendously mind-fucky. It's much more about poisoned wishes that cost you everything you held dear, and what a monster you become as a result, and our hero is the victim of someone else's wish.

And the episode 3 cliffhanger was so jaw-dropping, I had to post before I watched the next episode, because DAMN!

(Now if I could find a translation that includes the OP and ED. Why are so many circles falling down on this these days?)

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May 01, 2020

It's out!

The Gates of Hell I have the third story in this Anthology! (Amazon Marketplace Link)

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