October 06, 2018

Invisible Bunny Girls

It started in Twitter, someone posted an animated .gif of an opening scene from Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai (I don't know if there's a shorter name for it yet).

Now, if you're a really deep SF reader, you might remember a novel from Larry Niven called "A Gift From Earth." The protagonist, Matthew Keller, had an odd ability - while he couldn't actually turn invisible, he had the ability to make people's vision just glass over him, so they wouldn't actually see him. He made people SO disinterested in him they wouldn't even react to his presence.

Enter Mai Sakurajima, famous child star, taking a hiatus from her career to go to a little out of the way seaside village's high school. Also Sakuta Azusagawa, ordinary high school student (Well, not QUITE so ordinary as we find out later). Sakuta is in the public library when he notices a girl running around wearing a bunny suit. It seems also that he is the ONLY person in the library who sees her. He recognizes her as his Sempai, and she tells him to forget he ever saw her, but he can't. (Otherwise there wouldn't be a story.)

Eventually they talk about it. Some time ago Mai discovered situations where nobody could see her. The whole Bunny Suit thing was a game to see if she really couldn't be seen, because anyone who could would stare at her. He was the first.

He believes this is part of some supernatural thing that happens to some teens. His little sister, for example, started manifesting actual injuries from internet insults sent by mean girls at school, and he was sent to the hospital after having his chest slashed by some unknown monster. He's an outcast at school because somehow the rumors transformed into HIM sending three other people to the hospital, and he is resigned to the idea that trying to correct the "Atmosphere" at school won't do anything. Mai is an outcast as well, since she didn't join the school at the beginning of the year, when all the social circles were set in stone. (It's a pretty bleak view of high school in this show).

Unfortunately, Mai has no control of this ability, and it's getting worse. After two weeks, she shows up on Sakuta's doorstep, starving. It's awfully hard to buy food when the clerk can't see you.

Yeah, this is on this season's To-Watch list.

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