November 20, 2021


Seeing if I can post MP4's. Looks like a no, but I can link to one?
Poo, it doesn't loop like it's supposed to.

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All this time there's been a Mysterious Girlfriend X OVA, and I never knew?

Fortunately I found a batch that had it, and in the process discovered that I've already downloaded three other sets, none of which included it.

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November 13, 2021


I'm working my way through Tantei wa Mou, Shindeiru (The Detective is Already Dead) and the translators are driving me right up the wall using "kimi" like a name.

"Kimi no ho wa daijobu?" getting translated as "Are you alright, Kimi?", it's just ARRRRGH!

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October 16, 2021

Summer 2021, and Fall

So, what have I been watching...

About the only thing I've really enjoyed so far (for small values of enjoyed) has been Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu. That's the isekai where the hero is the child of two adventurers who went to our world, and got called back by the goddess, who decided he was too ugly for her purposes and dumped him among the demihumans. Like most isekai, the plot is marginal, and success comes too easy for the hero. Early on he defeats two legendary monsters, a dragon and a spider. Once defeated, they transform into human woman and are contracted to him, but they admire him so much they want to be his harem, and like most isekai, he isn't really interested. The Dragon, yeah, I can see why her gung ho desire to model herself after a samurai (formed on the basis of his memories) would wear thin quickly. Her advantage is she has formed a sub-plane where he can relocate all the demi-humans, and they love him and put aside their differences so they can live in this paradise. The Spider, on the other hand, Mio - I kept watching because I liked her. Classy and generally soft-spoken, yet powerful enough to level city blocks. She manifested as a Kimono-wearing woman with a web motif and some modern touches (like some dainty black gloves with ruffled edges, and an Obi with leather belting). By the time we got to the final episodes, it looked like the entire season was just a set-up for a second season that would descend into pure Shonen battles. Seriously, who introduces antagonists in episode 12?

The OP though is pretty bangin'.

I've been watching Jahy, but out of inertia. Adult Jahy has lost her appeal. The series is episodic in a way that barely advances anything, and jokes about being poor and hungry, and her outsized Ego smashing against reality, went out in the early 90's.

I watched Idaten, Heion Sedai no Idaten-tachi, and I can't recommend it, which is sad for an Noitanima series. It had an unusual art style, and an interesting premise: a small group of god-like beings who were tasked originally with protecting the world from these "Demon" monsters, but once they were all sealed away behind a barrier, had little to do. Then it turns out that some demons have survived, by hybridizing with humans, but they are weak. The power differential makes you want to side with the "Villains." Just after halfway though, the demons are ousted from power in this one country they controlled, and driven underground, while the gods try to ferret them out and finish them off for good. The last half is spread out over years as the demons try to regroup and reconnect and try to find some way to save themselves. And then, after 11 episodes, it just stops. Apparently that's where the Manga may have stopped too. And that's it. No resolution. I have to wonder why it was made.

Made a meme of this scene from Idaten.

There were other shows I downloaded, but didn't get too far into. The second half of the new Madoka Magica, which I haven't watched yet because I didn't start the first half. Tantei wa Mou, Shindeiru, I started because of my love of white-haired characters, and which I do mean to continue with. I tried Cheat Kusushi no Slow Life - Isekai ni Tsukurou Drugstore, but it felt like reading way below my grade level. I should have gone one episode further because it seemed like they might have finally been about to introduce some conflict.

I watched Peach Boy Riverside, but I watched it in Chronological order rather than Episode order, so it actually made sense. I'm sure the director was spewing bullshit (covering for a production problem?) with this shuffling somehow improving the storytelling. Since most episodes faded into each other at cliffhangers, scrambling them didn't even work artistically. In chronological order, it was a fair to middlin' Fantasy Adventure. It also Stopped rather than Ending. Not abruptly, but clearly with a second season in mind, like so many anime these days, which it probably won't get.

I watched Kanojo mo Kanojo. Again that White-haired character fixation. And what do you know, she was the only sane one of the bunch. I think it works a little better if you regard the redhead as the main character rather than the guy. But while it's interesting in a world of Harem anime to have an actual romantic interest on three sides of the love triangle, this surely isn't the way to run a threesome.

Of the fall season, the only thing I've sampled so far is Shinka no Mi - Shiranai Uchi ni Kachigumi Jinsei, It promises another white-haired, dark skinned Haremette. That's probably the only thing going for it, since the hero again seems to have the unfair advantage that means he can't lose. The premise is that his whole class gets isekaied, but since he's the fat, hated loser of the class, the transporting god gives him an extra power that lets him perfectly harvest every resource and power from what he defeats. The rest of his class ends up in town, and the king makes them train with his soldiers, so so far their isekai experience has sucked, while he got separated, ended up in the jungle and the survival experience has caused him to level up (as well as eating some special "evolution fruit" that significantly upped his stats). He ends up with this pink Gorilla in love with him whom he can't escape from, but fortunately, after two episodes of that embarrassment, she's transformed into a girl, and the harem commences accumulating.

With so much disappointing anime, it's a wonder I spend any time on it, but I'm sure there are some gems out there (suggestions welcome). Besides, it's a hell of a lot better than anything produced in this country.

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September 07, 2021

Lately My Sister Has Been Acting Unusual

Or Saikin, Imouto no Yousu ga Chotto Okashiinda ga.

Oh dear, it's one of those "Sister Fetish but it's okay because she's unrelated" comedies. Only not exactly, because it's got some interesting twists. For one thing, neither of the principals are interested in each other "that way", however, there is a third party - the ghost of a girl who really liked the older brother, who can't get to heaven unless she resolves the issue of her love for the boy. She can temporarily possess the sister, but she has to use coercion to get her to help. And said coercion takes the form of a magical chastity belt.

Which might severely cramp the whole goal of getting her toes curled vicariously through the sister. It also sets a very odd boundary on the fan service (Which is annoyingly focused on needing to pee for the first two episodes, but that never really comes up again after that.)

However, that boundary serves the plot very well, slowing down the resolution of the boy (Yuuya) and his new sister (Mitsuki) getting to know and accept each other.

There are some expected elements that you get from comedy, like hijinks related to trying, and failing, to hide the belt. But secrets getting spilled are rarely as catastrophic as imagined. Yuuya chalks it up to being some kind of weird fetish underwear, rather than an accumulator for the energy needed to help Hyori, the ghost, get through heaven's gate. Even stranger, he can occasionally see Hyori, and assumes she's a friend, or even possibly a lover of Mitsuki's, who is just really into cosplay with those wings she has. He's not clueless, it's just that the most rational assumptions are not the case in this situation.

In fact, there are several others in the cast who can see Hyori, but for the most part don't interact with her at all. It's really kind of subtle. There's actually a lot going on with some of these secondary and tertiary characters that is never stated directly, or saved until the end. If you watch this, keep an eye on Neko and see if you can figure out what that book she's always reading is.

The ending, alas, isn't a final resolution, and leaves the story open to continuing, although after this much time, that probably means tracking down the manga. If you want to pretend it ended though, just don't watch the final scene, in which case it's pretty well wrapped up, minus a few sub-plots.

Of course, a lot of things could have been resolved more quickly if people would just talk to each other, but then there'd be no room for comedy. But nicely, the lack of communication has rational reasons. There's no major Idiot Ball in play.

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August 31, 2021

What kind of a crapsack world allows this?!

I hadn't really noticed any Covid-related loss of taste or smell while I was sick, because I was basically unable to eat. But with today's return to work (And the unfortunate discovery that I have the stamina of a cofeehouse poet), I discovered the greatest injustice ever perpetrated on man.

I can't taste chocolate.

Imagine, I had a "Fun Size" Milky Way as a snack in my lunchbox, and I could only taste the burned notes of the caramel, the rest of it tasted like nothing.

Similarly, my favorite pick-me-up, a Peach Red Bull, tasted very off. Although my apple seemed okay....

It's like a color TV with the Tint turned all the way one way. Some aspects of flavor are unaffected, and others are tweaked or gone. And I can't really put my finger on what exactly the parameters of that are.

But losing chocolate. That's inhumane.

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August 27, 2021

I figured it out

The actual Best Girl in Kanojo mo Kanojo is Shino, the silver-haired beauty with the purple ribbon.

Why is she best? Because she's the only one who isn't insane.

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August 23, 2021

Looks like I'm gonna have some time on my hands

Came home from work Friday feeling very tired, went to bed at 6, and woke up just in time for bedtime, and slept in Saturday. Felt like utter crap, with body aches, a fever, sore throat. I figured it was an ordinary cold because by Saturday evening, my fever had gone down, and I was starting to feel better. Sunday still had an edge of illness to it, and I decided to take Monday off from work, and also drooped off at the local clinic, figuring I could get a test, prove it wasn't the couf, and be back to work tomorrow.

Yeah, not so fast. It was just the quick test, but it was positive, so counting back to Friday, I won't be back to work until Tuesday next week.

No treatment of any kind offered. Drink fluids and wait it out. Jeez, not even clean socks and Motrin.

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August 15, 2021

There are no Shotcuts

So I was made aware of several free video editors out there. Alas, Blender now insists on Windows 8.1 to install (not even 8.0 is good enough!), but I had ShotCut recommended to me.

Seems alright, except that it keeps crashing if I scrub the timeline too much (This is not my all-too-frequent bluescreening). Still, it seems to have some reasonably robust auto-saving going on.

Thus I'm taking a stab at setting SuperCub to The Hondell's "Little Honda". Although the scrubbing issue makes it a bit hard to find the cuts I want, and the song is too short to include them all.

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August 10, 2021

Going 4K

So the 42" 1080p TV I've been using as a monitor for the past 13 years went from working last night to dead this morning. I conducted surgery this afternoon and found a burnt fuse in it, but replacing it didn't bring it back to life. I found an online service manual which might aid in future fruitless efforts to debug it, but in the meantime I needed replacement.

So, I hied off to the mart of walls, and selected a successor. And for $424 including tax got a 4K, 50" replacement from some brand I've never heard of before. It's much lighter, virtually borderless, has no component video inputs.... but does have One and only One composite input that I may try to use with an old game system or two sometime. It does have a digital audio out connector, but fiber only, unlike the old Toshiba which also allowed an RCA data cable. I need a longer one. VGA connectors have gone the way of the Dodo.

The computer was already feeding it a 4K signal by the time I got through the setup menus. But that's just a little TOO high rez to read, so I backed it off a little. The TV is capable of handling off ratios a lot better than the Toshiba did.

I did not connect the ethernet or wireless networking. I don't need my TV to get to YouTube when I've got the computer there to do it. (Even if YouTube is causing a lot of my crashes lately.)

The other remarkable this is how LIGHT the new TV is in comparison. The Toshiba was listed as being 40-50 lbs. The new one can't even be half that. (Edit: Box says 20 lbs.)

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