November 17, 2018


So I made a tweet about Comicsgate. I mentioned it to a friend with a lot of followers and he retweeted it.

125,000 impressions later.... it's just not stopping. Almost 500 retweets, 1500 likes, and all kinds of nasty too. It's amusing, but time consuming, and not terribly productive.

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November 06, 2018

Kissmanga of death

So I was reading that Isekai manga about the spider. Checking it out on Kissmanga every month. But as of chapter 30, every time I load up that page (I update the bookmark each time I read) it loads all the chapter pages, then, as I scroll down to read, suddenly the page auto-refreshes, and all the images disappear. And any attempt to reload after that throws up a "Site is down for maintenance" message. Tried bringing it up in Explorer instead of Firefox, and the site came up, but said no such file for the Manga.

Yanno what? Screw it. I wasn't enjoying it that much anyway. I don't know if it was anti adblock or some other misfunction, but I'm done.

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