September 29, 2016


So I recently signed up for Pixiv, since I was able to do it without having a Japanese IP address any more, and using a Google+ ID.

But there's one disturbing thing going on. The tie in to Google+ isn't JUST when you've logged in apparently, because periodically, frequently, and at rather disturbing times a little thing pops up at the bottom of your window saying something like "Welcome Back" and G+ logo. That tells me that Google knows now what page I'm on, JUST the kind of thing you want when looking at ecchi.... (It's bad enough to be tracked with web beacons and that kind of crap, but THIS is just leering over your shoulder creepy.)

I also recently signed up for a free CrunchyRoll account so I could watch some of To Love Ru. Which I've concluded is basically Urusei Yatsura for a new generation.

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September 12, 2016


Damn, that was depressing.

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