November 19, 2017


Rats, it appears the new version of Firefox and the RoosterTeeth site are not compatible. the episodes won't play. (And there's only audio from the ads before it tries to jump to the next episode)

Seems to be more a problem with one of their ad servers. Advertisers ruin everything trying to crowbar their foot into the door.


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November 12, 2017

Fireball Humorous

Fireball Humorous is pretty much the one thing I saw on the charts this season I was interested in. But to date, I've only seen one episode, raw or translated on the torrents. And that one episode, was, meh. Now, every time this show comes out, they change the character designs. Normally, for robots, they appear to be made entirely of rigid parts. But this year Drossel seems to have a completely flexible black (rubber, plastic) abdomen. It's hard to say where they're going with it this year with only one episode after a month.

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November 09, 2017

The Science Fiction is Settled

My latest on my Wordpress writing blog, where I take David Gerrold apart for an egregiously SJW column in the virtually defunct Amazing Stories.

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