March 24, 2019

Just being silly


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March 16, 2019

Car Shopping

So I bought a car today.

Actually, I didn't, I ORDERED a car today.

Nearest Subaru dealership has 50 Imprezas. Only 1 Sport model with a manual transmission, and it's white. None of the other dealerships have one, and none in the pipeline. I guess they know the market.

Yeah, I'm getting Red, dammit, and I'm getting a Stick. I don't care if the CVT automatics get slightly better mileage, the main reason I have a 27 year old Loyale is the mechanical simplicity of a manual transmission.

Took it for a brief drive. Like all cars today, it insulates you more from the road. So even the Loyale is a little sportier, but then, I've been driving that one so long it's like a part of me.

Really long throw on the clutch pedal, with very little resistance or feedback. A lot of takeup on it I think. Enough that I was wondering if it could be adjusted.

Since I am not getting the automatic, a lot of the safety features that take control from you aren't available, as well as the remote start function etc. No big deal, I'm an adult.

A lot of the onboard electronics work in concert with a smart phone. Anyone who's seen my phone knows that's not gonna fly. Alas, The Sport model doesn't support navigation, which is a big loss.

The VIP pricing program doesn't save me a whole heck of a lot, maybe $1100. The Tax, my god, tacks on another two grand or so.

So, I'll have bought a new car, in the next up to 60 days.

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March 10, 2019

What I've been watching this season

The Rise of the Shield Hero.
Magical Girl Special Ops Asuka

And I've been DLing but haven't really gotten around to watching:
The second season of 3D no Kanojo
the Umpteenth episode of Gegege no Kitaro.

Frankly, I had no idea that last one was going to go on so long when I started it. I have a bunch of images uploaded here for the last write-up I was going to do about it that got lost in an inadvertant click. And now so much more has come in that most of that is obsolete.

Someone was recommending "My Roommate is a cat" if you really wanna get socked in the feels.

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