October 29, 2019

New post on my writing blog (2)

It's not all Thud and Blunder.

I recently read the original Conan the Barbarian stories, and was pleasantly surprised.

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October 19, 2019

It's Furry Anime Season...

... and I'm not talking Catgirls.

The Good is Beastars, which is about a Wolf working the stage crew of a high school's drama department, and Dwarf Bunny girl who is ostracized from the herbivore student body. Tensions are high in the school because a student from the Drama Club was recently eaten, so the whole school is on edge.
The Bad and the Ugly combined is African Salaryman. The less said about it the better. It's just shit.

Interestingly, both shows are CGI. Beastars uses it to great effect. African Salaryman uses it to produce even crappier than normal 2D effects.

There's also at least one Isekai that promises Beast People, but I haven't checked it out yet.

On the Fan service front, there's Kandagawa Jet Girls. Girls race on a river through the city on hydrofoil jet skis, with a "Gunner" who fires water-shots that can either degrade the jetskis, or the opposing girl's wetsuits. (This is described sarcastically by one of the announcers as a "Safety Feature".) There's one uncensored torrent that I know of by "HorribleOhys" that's worth tracking down.

Slightly interesting is "Rifle is Beautiful" about a girls high school rifle team. Of course, this being Japan, the rifles are just light guns that use a photoreceptive target system. (This is not a sci-fi show).

Both of these shows have in common the fact that their schools both have shut down the respective clubs, and our heroine is determined to resurrect them. However Kandagawa Jet Girls is FAR more exciting, and frankly, has a much better animation budget, and looks it. Rifle is Beautiful will probably be more about the Friendship because as someone who has shot precision smallbore rifle competitively in college, I have to say that it is the single LEAST exciting sport to watch ever invented, and doing it with flash guns is even less so.

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October 14, 2019


I wouldn't mind too terribly being on more people's blogrolls.

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