December 30, 2017

This is kinda cool

This site just plays (or loops, depending on a button) random Anime openings or closings. I think it's also possible to find specific ones, since I was DDGing for the end title of Moretsu Space Pirates.

Here's a complete list of what they have.

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December 28, 2017

When Snowflakes Attack!

Unscheduled post in my Writing Blog.

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December 22, 2017

Big Order

AMVs are dangerous. They expose you to anime series you didn't know were out there, and then you have to dig back into the archives of torrent sites in the hopes that at least one obsessed fan has kept the light on, and knowing you will never reach your share ratio...

One such AMV showed me a brief glimpse of a a white haired, dark skinned character, so you know I had to check this out. The show turned out to be Big Order, which was from the spring of '16. Deadfish was Dead, leaving only HorribleSubs as a source, unless I wanted to suck down a 6+ gig BD dump. (There was a reason to go back to that BD dump for an obvious reason, the first half of episode 5).

I suppose a brief summary of the plot is in Order (see what I did there?). Our anti-hero is one of a series of people called "Orders" who were granted the power to make their specific wish come true from a mysterious floating girl named Daisy. What Daisy has in mind isn't really explored. When Daisy visited him as a mere child, he wished poorly, and that power nearly destroyed the world. The world knows there are other "orders" (around 2000 so far), but they are all hated because of "The Great Destruction" and his only salvation is that nobody knows it was him. Until...

Cute girl shows up in his class. Said cute girl also appears outside his apartment saying she moved in upstairs and broke her key and could he help? Said cute girl then stuffs a sword through him from behind, blaming him for the fire that killed her parents. Said cute girl is actually an agent of a cabal of 10 other orders who are taking over, starting in southern Japan, and they know about him and want to use his power. Said cute girl kinda went off mission by trying to kill him.

Fortunately she has regenerative powers, both for herself and things she wants to fix. BTW, our main character also has a stepsister dying of some kind of rare leukemia. Said cute girl kidnaps the sister from the hospital, takes her to a remote location, and lures the MC there, where she then sticks the sword into the sister to reinforce her demands.

This is enough for our hero, who has sworn to never use his power again, no matter how much Daisy nagged him to (at least so long as his sick sister was alive) to unleash his power, which basically allows him complete control over any area he's traveled in, and complete control of any thing or any person within that area. Kinda like Code Geass with an area of effect. And he lays one on said cute girl making it impossible for her to kill him or his sister, or leave any area under his control. Oh, she still wants to, and it's kind of comical how she tries to lead him into situations where he will die, but she can't succeed, and we've seen this joke before.

Not a victory though, because the gang of 10 Orders have him under their control. One of them can stop time, and has stopped it for his sick sister, and they promise they can get her to an order who can cure her, IF he aids them in their plan to take over the world. And since they announced publicly that he was the order responsible for The Great Destruction, there is no other safe place for him except as their figurehead.

So, where is the white haired, dark skinned chick? She's on the next island north. She's got a power over rock, can petrify folks, and has a giant stone golem at her control. Alas, a bit of a disappointment when I finally got to see her. It's like when Poser first came out, and horny teens turned all the sliders for tits and ass to 11, there's a point when overdoing supposedly sexy traits can have the opposite effect. Okay if you're into such things, but kinda grotesque if you ask me. And by episode 5, somehow virtually all of the female cast ends up in a bathhouse with excessive Buy The BD light beams, and she gropes them all. But it's brief, like an obligatory inclusion.

Eh, I might finish it, it's only 10 episodes. I expect it won't reach any conclusion, won't be continued, and will be a waste of my time.

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