May 11, 2015

Junk Files

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Yeah, so I'm the last to know.... The reason EZTV has sucked so much lately, and is carrying all these bottom-dwelling, hijacked and repackaged torrents is because it lost in a hostile takeover by scammers. Do not use it any more.

One thing that really bugs me in some areas of the Torrenting world is this overwhelming urge some folks have to toot their own horn for things they really don't have anything to do with. You start with the group who digitizes a TV show, and they put their name on the file. Now, fansubbing is a different story, since they put some work into the job.

But what really gets me is the repackaging. Let's say I'm trying to watch The Flash. EZTV has been a little wonky since the move, and all the sources they have are repackagers. What I mean is, if I download the latest episode of The Flash and get the torrent from say, BTChat, I JUST get the show. But go to EZTV, and you get a directory, and there are worthless files like .nfo (which windows doesn't like) but even more worthless text files that say "Torrent Downloaded from" which it wasn't, and then, some repackager takes that and throws in their OWN text file that says something similar. Some even chew up a few megs with a "preview" file. All of which is worthless. And it cuts down on which trackers you can add in (that may be why).

But even more irritating is, since each episode is now in its own directory, you can't just click the next file button in MediaPlayerClassic to get the next one.

I've tried looking for ways to relocate an individual file within uTorrent, but it won't do that.  The best I can do is tell it to skip files, but the tiny text files are usually included in one block anyway. The thing is, I also use uTorrent as a sort of video manager, so I can tag things I've watched by changing the label to (drum roll) "Watched". It's a first world problem, to be sure, but the motivation is so 80's Apple ][ game cracker, where they'd find a way to wedge their names into the opening screen. (Even back then, there were script kiddies running game cracking tools).

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