January 27, 2020

Ishuzoku Reviewers

AKA Interspecies Reviewers is Rude, Lewd, and Fucking Hilarious.

The premise is simple. There's a human adventurer and his elf buddy, and an angel they rescued who is stuck on earth until his halo heals. The human and the elf have an argument over their respective tastes in women. The Human comes out of the Elf brothel and his buddy is like "Eeew! She's 500 years old!" While the Elf hangs out with a 50 year old human woman - he loves them because they're all under 100. They turn to their buddies at the bar, a beast man and a halfling to settle the score, but it clarifies nothing.

And thus is born a quest, to try every single kind of girl in this fantasy world. And post reviews.

And they make bank on the reviews.

Sure, you've seen similar things with one page comics on the benefits and detriments of different kinds of Monster Girls. But the difference is, this is hilarious. Every episode I have to pause a couple of times because I'm laughing out loud.

It's a hoot.

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1 I found the first three episodes amusing, but how long can they "keep it up"? 


Posted by: J Greely at January 30, 2020 12:27 AM (ZlYZd)

2 Various crashes have stopped me before finishing the second (Just how gigantic was that female demon politician?) but I hope to catch up this weekend. I haven't even gotten into the new Madoka series yet.

Posted by: Mauser at January 30, 2020 07:39 PM (Ix1l6)

3 Meanwhile, Funimation apparently drops the series.

Posted by: Pete Zaitcev at February 01, 2020 03:10 PM (LZ7Bg)

4 Yeah, which is going to catch a lot of circles flatfooted with no place to crib the subtitles from. Even those with uncensored video have been using the censored subs.

Posted by: Mauser at February 01, 2020 10:23 PM (Ix1l6)

5 Well, someone seems to have subs for episode 4, although I'm not getting any peers for it yet.


Posted by: J Greely at February 02, 2020 12:05 PM (ZlYZd)

6 I'll have to look. I was getting Anime Plaza, which had the uncensored video and Funi subs. I have having to change circles partway into a series, it messes up my filing system. (I only have about 1500 unwatched things... :-)

BTW, it's good to see that people DO read and comment. It was pretty dry there for a while.

Posted by: Mauser at February 02, 2020 07:39 PM (Ix1l6)

7 Turns out my download problem was that my torrent client started inexplicably binding only to a useless IPv6 address, and not to the IPv4 address that I had forwarded through the firewall. Fixed that, and three minutes later I was watching the episode.


Posted by: J Greely at February 02, 2020 10:19 PM (ZlYZd)

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