January 28, 2015

Fridge Illogic

So, let me see if I've got this straight. In Absolute Duo, there's this drug called Luciful (Engrish for Lucifur?) that apparently has been administered to tens, if not hundreds of thousands of kids, the only mentioned effect of which is that 0.1% of them develop this ability to generate psychic/magical weapons. Then they get to go to school to learn to fight with them, but at least half get turned away the first day (which would probably leave them incapable of enrolling in another school for at least a term).

Okay, so... Why? Why are tens or hundreds of thousands of parents allowing their children to be injected with this drug, and why are these kids being taught how to fight? With whom are they supposed to be fighting once they graduate? Why are their parents basically enlisting their children into some kind of army?

What happens to the other 99.9% who don't manifest abilities? What happens to the 0.05% who DO manifest psychic weapons but are turned away from training with them? Is it really a good idea to give kids swords and spears and such that you can't take away from them and set them loose in the world without even any training?

Yeah, Rule of Cool, but no, somebody wasn't thinking here, at all.

(And furthermore, if this is some kind of new technology, why does everyone act like there's some kind of long-standing tradition attached to this?)

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