April 14, 2018


I've been fascinated by the Bakemonogatari series, but I've never watched them all all the way through. It kept bugging me that I had missed the origin story.

Apparently I was wrong, but not by much. The original encounter between Koyama Araragi and the vampire was chronicled in Kizumonogatari, which actually didn't come out until 2016/17 (It's in three parts). A chance search today turned it up. Now maybe the completest in me can finally sit down and watch the whole thing IN ORDER! (At which point I'll probably find out there was another series I missed.....)

But at least there's a chance I'll finish them, unlike the Final Fantasy games 1 through 11 I accumulated for my Playstation, which hasn't been hooked up since my old Tube TV died.

ETA: Added a new tag in uTorrent just to group them all together, and according to this list I missed a LOT. Fortunately it all seems to be available, but what I DO have is a mess. A lot of circles stopped part way through, so I have some duplicates, and some single episodes, and at least one season says it has 13 episodes, but all the batches are 1-12. It's a mess everywhere, not just my directories.

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1 "I guess it falls to the rest of us to see if collectively we can make up for the loss to the Anime blogging world"? Maybe in an extremely narrow-minded world; there are bloggers around, like this fellow, who write with enough insight and depth to more than "make up" for things. I suggest checking them out.

Posted by: StormZeroOne at April 17, 2018 06:46 AM (h8yX6)

2 Not sure how far you had to reach back to pull up that quote, but it's still in poor taste to stomp on the remembrance of Steven den Beste to promote someone's blog.  

Posted by: Mauser at April 17, 2018 08:52 PM (h8yX6)

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