November 17, 2018


So I made a tweet about Comicsgate. I mentioned it to a friend with a lot of followers and he retweeted it.

125,000 impressions later.... it's just not stopping. Almost 500 retweets, 1500 likes, and all kinds of nasty too. It's amusing, but time consuming, and not terribly productive.

(182K impressions, 2K likes, and 540 retweets. Twitter has been useless for any other purpose, and will be until this dies out.)

(And now it has exceeded 200K impressions. But at least it seems to have slowed down.)

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November 06, 2018

Kissmanga of death

So I was reading that Isekai manga about the spider. Checking it out on Kissmanga every month. But as of chapter 30, every time I load up that page (I update the bookmark each time I read) it loads all the chapter pages, then, as I scroll down to read, suddenly the page auto-refreshes, and all the images disappear. And any attempt to reload after that throws up a "Site is down for maintenance" message. Tried bringing it up in Explorer instead of Firefox, and the site came up, but said no such file for the Manga.

Yanno what? Screw it. I wasn't enjoying it that much anyway. I don't know if it was anti adblock or some other misfunction, but I'm done.

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October 06, 2018

Invisible Bunny Girls

It started in Twitter, someone posted an animated .gif of an opening scene from Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai (I don't know if there's a shorter name for it yet).

Now, if you're a really deep SF reader, you might remember a novel from Larry Niven called "A Gift From Earth." The protagonist, Matthew Keller, had an odd ability - while he couldn't actually turn invisible, he had the ability to make people's vision just glass over him, so they wouldn't actually see him. He made people SO disinterested in him they wouldn't even react to his presence.

Enter Mai Sakurajima, famous child star, taking a hiatus from her career to go to a little out of the way seaside village's high school. Also Sakuta Azusagawa, ordinary high school student (Well, not QUITE so ordinary as we find out later). Sakuta is in the public library when he notices a girl running around wearing a bunny suit. It seems also that he is the ONLY person in the library who sees her. He recognizes her as his Sempai, and she tells him to forget he ever saw her, but he can't. (Otherwise there wouldn't be a story.)

Eventually they talk about it. Some time ago Mai discovered situations where nobody could see her. The whole Bunny Suit thing was a game to see if she really couldn't be seen, because anyone who could would stare at her. He was the first.

He believes this is part of some supernatural thing that happens to some teens. His little sister, for example, started manifesting actual injuries from internet insults sent by mean girls at school, and he was sent to the hospital after having his chest slashed by some unknown monster. He's an outcast at school because somehow the rumors transformed into HIM sending three other people to the hospital, and he is resigned to the idea that trying to correct the "Atmosphere" at school won't do anything. Mai is an outcast as well, since she didn't join the school at the beginning of the year, when all the social circles were set in stone. (It's a pretty bleak view of high school in this show).

Unfortunately, Mai has no control of this ability, and it's getting worse. After two weeks, she shows up on Sakuta's doorstep, starving. It's awfully hard to buy food when the clerk can't see you.

Yeah, this is on this season's To-Watch list.

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September 04, 2018

Not one of us!

Some thoughts on how anti-social social media is.

Also have a post on Gegege no Kitaro in the works, but I have to reconstruct it after hitting the wrong back arrow on a tab lost most of it.

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July 28, 2018

Product Placement

Yes, that is an Under Armor logo on Akira Yamamoto's flight suit liner. And it's not like the random Budweiser can missile you used to see. There is an actual line in the credits for someone involved with Under Armor. But you know, it's really not all that obtrusive, and none of the characters have referred to that by name, so it doesn't bother me nearly as much as this kind of crap usually does.

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July 16, 2018

Yamato 2202

I didn't realize this was running, so I powered through the first ten episodes this weekend.

First reaction was nostalgia, as soon as I heard those organ chords.

It is a worthy followon to 2199. Lots of familiar faces from the previous series.

And hey, we get to SEE those faces, since I am guessing the previous director got sacked. Along with his midget cameraman doing all those Perineum-Cam shots. The Fan Service has been way toned down this time.

This telling of the tale is much richer than the first time out. I learned stuff about Gatlantis that I never knew when they were called the Comet Empire.

Even though I know where it's going, it's going to be an interesting ride.

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July 07, 2018

Uptown Funk - Space Dandy

A friend pointed me at this one doing Uptown Funk with scenes from Space Dandy. But this is something special and unique. I've never seen the comic book format before in an AMV.

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June 30, 2018


New post on my SF Writing blog.

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June 21, 2018

Stop! Watch this now!

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June 10, 2018

Cooling off

Success! Today I had rounded up components to add a separate, replacement pump and a reservoir to the crappy Antec CPU cooler I have in Himawari.

I say crappy because annually the pump has started failing, initially leading to brief temperature surges, but sometimes failing for so long the heat indicating LED on the CPU block goes to a hellish red, and then my PC goes into thermal shutdown. Amazingly this hasn't caused damage yet, but I'm sick of the need to use the admittedly good warranty service. This is my third unit, and it was just starting to fail.

A couple weeks ago I bought a pump, and then had to figure out what else I needed to do to splice it in. I realized I'd need a reservoir, since this would no longer be a factory sealed system. I went to Fry's in search of cooling system components, but they only had complete kits, or hyper expensive parts designed to fleece the casemod community.

But one thing I DID find at Fry's was a small plastic food storage box with a flip-down airtight lid. It was fairly heavy and rigid plastic, so it would stand up to what I had in mind.

I bought some tubing, hose clamps, and some tubing to 1/4" pipe fittings. I happened to already own a 7/16" drill and a 1/4 NPT pipe tap. (Don't ask). So I drilled two holes in the side of the container, one high, one low, and threaded the holes. The fittings were nice and snug.

I set up the pump and the reservoir temporarily, just looping to each other to make sure it worked, and plugged them in to a spare fan power connector on my motherboard. It worked, quite energetically.

I was going to get into it later this week, since I have so many other projects going on, but then while I was firing up World of Warships, the thing forced my hand, going deep brick red. I shut it down manually as fast as I could.

So even though it was after midnight, I had to give it a go.

One of the reasons I hated the annual warranty exchange (aside from having to put in a full price deposit and pay to ship it back) was that taking off the CPU block is a potential disaster (Trying to remove the original finned heat sink, I actually ripped the CPU out of the socket while it was locked and bent a pin!) since the attachment system is under spring tension. Hopefully this would be the last time it would have to come off.

Fully disassembled, it was time to cross the line, and I cut the tubes leading to the pump. I kept that end high to avoid losing all the coolant. I had bought some distilled water, but it would be nice to save as much of the antifreeze as possible. Only a little dripped out.

One issue is that the original hoses are small rubber ones, and the pump fit 3/8" Inside Diameter hoses. The rubber ones were 3/8" Outside Diameter, so the solution was obvious, slip the new hoses over the old ones and apply hose clamps.

Once I wrestled the CPU block and radiator with the fans (and without the original attached pump) back into place, I threaded the hoses through two convenient holes in the back of the case. Then I had to take them out again because I needed to access the SysFan connector to wire power to the pump.

Finally I had all the hoses connected to the pump and reservoir, I topped off the reservoir with distilled water, and then contorted everything to try to clear all the air from the lines. My earlier testing showed the pump REALLY doesn't like getting any air in it.

Then, the moment of truth, turning it on. And it worked, the pump pumped, the coolant flowed into the top of the reservoir (but not nearly as fast as when there was nothing else in the loop), and the CPU did not fry, and no water went spraying everywhere.

To start it was running a good 30 degrees cooler than normal, nearly room temperature. It HAS been climbing slowly, probably as the system becomes heat soaked (I'm running some CPU intensive stuff right now), but it's still cooler than before, and more importantly, it's WORKING.

Once I'm sure everything's fine, I'm gonna add velcro to the bottom of the pump and reservoir and stick them to the top of the case. But so far, so good.

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